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Service Costs, regardless of who the provider is, will encompass a range of specific costs, some of which are mandatory to the service, and some of which are optional based on the family’s requests. When comparing costs between providers, it is important that all costs, including those considered “disbursements” are reviewed carefully, in order to understand to true total cost of the services being selected. Download our Services & Supplies Price List.

Our staff at Trent Cremation Services are available to meet with you, in our offices, or at your home, to customize a FREE Quotation designed to meet both your personal and financial needs. At that time we will provide you with a detailed explanation of our services and products, and any required disbursements, answer your questions and provide you with a FREE written estimate. Our staff are NON-COMMISSIONED, so meeting your needs is our only priority.

Trent Cremation Services Summary

Whether you chose cremation or burial, you will receive the support and guidance of our licensed Funeral Director who will co-ordinate all aspects of the arrangements. The following outlines the individual components included in our basic services.

Services our licensed Funeral Director will provide:

  • meet with you to implement arrangements and sign documentation
  • obtain and file vital statistics
  • acquire registrations and permits
  • schedule cemetery / crematorium services
  • communicate with the coroner, if cremation has been chosen
  • make additional contacts as required
  • prepare and place newspaper notices
  • ensure all clerical and administrative support is provided

Initial Transfer from Place of Death
Our licensed Funeral Director will respond immediately in your time of need – we offer a 24 hour service

  • coordinate the initial transfer from the place of death to a holding facility in Peterborough, Ontario using a vehicle with specialized equipment
    • If the distance exceeds 25 kilometers an additional mileage fee may apply
    • If the disposition is delayed, a specialized area used for sheltering the remains of the deceased is provided for an additional charge

Our licensed Funeral Director will:

  • secure and complete all documentation including registration, burial permits and a Coroner’s Certification, as needed
  • facilitate the completion of forms related to Canada Pension Plan’s Death and Survivor Benefits and Health Card cancellation
  • provide a copy of the “Guide for the Executor” that outlines “After the Funeral Duties”
  • maintain all documentation on file for future reference
  • provide you with an unlimited number of Funeral Director’s Statement of Death Certificates

Administration Vehicle
A vehicle used in the course of filing papers for provincial death registration, securing necessary documents and permits and post service follow up with family.

Total Professional Service Costs: $1,195 +HST for In-Person Arrangements

Also required is a casket

  • Basic cremation caskets begin at $325. We also have additional cremation/burial units you may wish to consider.

Required Disbursements

The following disbursements are provided at cost (subject to change):

  • Cremation Fee (dependent on provider), includes basic container for cremated remains
  • Coroner’s Fee ($75.00), applies to all cremations in Ontario
  • Municipal Registration ($32.50)

Optional Services & Products

When you consult with our Funeral Director you will have the opportunity to review and select any additional product or service options that will meet the needs of you and your family. They will outline the additional fees for you during this meeting. For example, you may decide to include:

  • Newspaper Obituary Notices – newspaper specific
  • Cemetery Fees for burial or niche interment, cost is based on your selections
  • Estate Planning Support – staff assistance in completing all government and estate forms, documents and applications
  • Enhanced Urn for cremated remains

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