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Pre-planning your burial or cremation is an important part of estate planning. At Trent Cremation Services, our experienced staff can assist you in making these important end-of-life decisions.

The benefits of pre-planning:

  • You save your family the stress of making difficult decisions at an emotional time
  • You protect your family from the risk of emotional overspending
  • You avoid leaving your relatives with an additional financial burden
  • You have peace of mind knowing that you are prepared
  • Your service will reflect your personal wishes

If you are wondering about the cost of cremation and burial services, try our Cost Calculator.

By choosing Trent Cremations Services you will be supported through the entire planning process. You will begin by meeting with our Funeral Director who will:

  • outline your options
  • answer your questions
  • ensure you are making informed choices
  • document your wishes for your file
  • assist you in completing forms
  • present you with the total cost and payment plan options
  • draw up an agreement with you
  • provide you with information to present to your family and/or executor(s)

Payment Options

When you prearrange your cremation or burial service a contractual agreement is drawn up that will require your signature as well as the signature of a Trent Cremation Services funeral director. The contract will clearly outline the terms, services, products, disbursements and taxes. After the agreement is signed you can choose from several payment options.

  • You may decide to pay at a later date. This means that the cost of your prearrangements is paid by your estate or next of kin at the time of your passing
  • You may decide to pre-pay the total sum
  • You could also decide to set up a monthly payment schedule with a pre-authorized payment plan. Depending on the plan you choose, you could have up to 3 years to pay

If you decide to pre-pay, the principal and accrued interest remain on deposit in your name until the time of death. Your preplanned, pre-paid arrangements are guaranteed as long as your plan remains with Trent Cremation Services Inc.

Investment Vehicles

If you decide to pre-pay you can select to trust your money which is offered through Guaranteed Funeral Deposits of Canada (Fraternal) (GFD). Your funds are guaranteed and secure with GFD.

Trusting: This method has been used for years to fund prearranged contracts. It is simple and offers flexible payment options. Funds are invested in individual accounts in the beneficiary’s name. The principal and all interest remain on deposit until the time of death. The interest will then be used to cover any increases in the costs of the plan. Excess funds will be returned to the estate; however, interest in excess of $50.00 is taxable.

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