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In addition to the services provided by Trent Cremation Services, we offer a range of products you may wish to consider. We would be pleased to meet with you to review product catalogues and discuss your price options.  Prices range from $80.

Cremation and Burial Caskets

It is necessary that you select a cremation or burial casket. At Trent Cremation Services we offer an affordable selection including corrugated cardboard, MDF, basic wood or solid wood options.


If you select cremation, the cremated human remains are returned to you in a basic corrugated container. If you choose ground burial or inurnment in a niche or you wish to keep the remains in your home, you may decide to purchase an urn.

Trent Cremation Services has a selection of quality urns crafted in wood, ceramic, marble, bronze and brass. We also offer a selection of keepsake urns and cremation jewellery. We are available to offer you assistance in finding one that will meet your specific needs.  

Stationery Packages

If desired, a stationery package can be purchased that includes a register book, and two boxes of acknowledgement cards (50). Personalized memorial folders and prayer cards can be purchased separately.

AfterCare & Estate Supports

Following the death of a loved one, family members are often left with an enormous amount of paperwork that must be completed to maximize government and corporate benefits and guard against identify theft.  In addition, executors and next of kin often need support in understanding the estate process, including probate, banking changes, and impact on estate assets.

Through our after care specialists, we can assist you by completing all government paperwork, and supporting the executor/next of kin in understanding their role and associated tasks. This includes completing government applications for CPP Death Benefit, Application for Spouse/ Survivor’s Benefits, cancellation of CPP and Old Age Pensions, Health Card, Social Insurance Card, Passport, Driver’s License and Elections Canada. We also assist with credit bureau notifications, license refunds, instructing on insurance claims and banking processes, and dormant bank account searches. This fee-based service is optional.


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